Jumat, 29 Februari 2008

Day for Night (1973)

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The leading lady is recovering from a nervous breakdown, another performer is soused on the set, unions threaten to walk, shooting must finish before the insurance lapses and a cat can't hit its mark. Is this any way to make a film? FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT's sly, humorous OscarO-winning Best Foreign Language Film (1973) that speaks the language of everyone who loves movies. JACQUELINE BISSET, JEAN-PIERRE AUMONT, VALENTINA CORTESE, NATHALIE BAYE and Truffaut star.

Making Waves: New Cinemas of the 1960s (Paperback)

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The 1960s was famously the decade of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. It was also a decade of revolution and counter-revolution, of the Cuban missile crisis, of the American intervention in Vietnam, of economic booms and the beginning of consumerism (and the rebellion against it). It was a decade in which the avantgarde came out of the closet and into the street, expressing itself on album covers and posters as much as in galleries. And it was a decade in which the old popular art - crooners and show bands, Hollywood musicals and melodramas - seemed destined to be swept away by the tide of novelty emerging across the world.

The cinema was central to this atmosphere of cultural ferment. Hollywood was in decline, both artistically and commercially. The genres which had held audiences captive in the 1940s and 50s - musicals, Westerns, melodramas - were losing their appeal and their great practitioners were approaching retirement. The scene was therefore set for new cinemas to emerge to attract the young, the discriminating, the politically conscious and the sexually emancipated. The innovative features of the new cinemas were not the same everywhere. Common to most of them, however, were a political and aesthetic radicalism and a break with the traditions of studio filmmaking and its cult of perfect illusion.

Then Junior Said to Jeff--: The Best NASCAR Stories Ever Told (Hardcover)

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NASCAR racing reigns as America’s most popular sport not only because of its high-speed thrills and chills but also for the colorful characters and memorable moments this unique fraternity has produced over the past half century. Below are just a handful of excerpts from the sport’s greatest behind-the-scenes stories ever told, as compiled in the first-of-its-kind collection, "Then Junior Said to Jeff…": "I’d rather not elaborate on that," [Dale Earnhardt Sr.] said [when addressing the media after his seventh Winston Cup championship and being asked about the earlier death of driver Neil Bonnett], then paused again. When he looked up, there was genuine pain in his face. His voice was halting when he spoke: "I can’t go fishing in my own lake because of Neil," he said. "Because we fished in it all the time. I can’t. . . . I’ve tried. . . . It’s Neil’s pond." Track promoter Enoch Staley recalls a race on Junior Johnson’s home track of North Wilkesboro Speedway: "I saw something sail out of the stands and over the fence, right in front of [Johnson’s opponent’s] car. It hit the track and broke into a thousand pieces. It was a quart-sized fruit jar filled with white liquor.


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Europe's most successful car magazine features many test and technical reports, as well as everyday concerns of the modern driver.