Jumat, 29 Februari 2008

Then Junior Said to Jeff--: The Best NASCAR Stories Ever Told (Hardcover)

Book Description
NASCAR racing reigns as America’s most popular sport not only because of its high-speed thrills and chills but also for the colorful characters and memorable moments this unique fraternity has produced over the past half century. Below are just a handful of excerpts from the sport’s greatest behind-the-scenes stories ever told, as compiled in the first-of-its-kind collection, "Then Junior Said to Jeff…": "I’d rather not elaborate on that," [Dale Earnhardt Sr.] said [when addressing the media after his seventh Winston Cup championship and being asked about the earlier death of driver Neil Bonnett], then paused again. When he looked up, there was genuine pain in his face. His voice was halting when he spoke: "I can’t go fishing in my own lake because of Neil," he said. "Because we fished in it all the time. I can’t. . . . I’ve tried. . . . It’s Neil’s pond." Track promoter Enoch Staley recalls a race on Junior Johnson’s home track of North Wilkesboro Speedway: "I saw something sail out of the stands and over the fence, right in front of [Johnson’s opponent’s] car. It hit the track and broke into a thousand pieces. It was a quart-sized fruit jar filled with white liquor.

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